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    Wolfgang Frister

    For Octason Records’ founder Wolfgang Frister music and joy have always been synonymous. Frister, who founded the label in 2009, can look back at a long and successful career as musician and composer with a broad understanding of the disparities between music and the music business, between the joy of playing and the demands of the industry. With the production of his CD Sly Ranya Loca in 2009, Wolfgang Frister was lucky to meet many like-minded people on the creative as well as the business side. This encouraged him to put his ideas on a wider platform by founding Octason Records in order to share his vision with everybody involved in the music production process and distribution. In 2013 the business aspect of the label was fortified by getting communications expert Ralf Welt on board. Welt and Frister both put great emphasis on being authentic in their professional and personal dealings with people and in their deep love and respect for artists and their work. This is one of many aspects that make Octason Records stands out among the multitude of independent jazz labels today.