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      An Important Returm

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      Fairys Nameday Waltz

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      Loveletter To Christiane

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      Birthday Gift

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      Sudden Farewell

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      A Bench In The Park

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      In The Light Of God

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      A Good Sense Of Humor

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      December 24th

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      Highway To Holidays

    Ralf Ruh Trio

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    The pianist Ralf Ruh distinguishes himself through an unmatched effortlessness with which he paints all shades of dynamics: From the sparkling lightness of individual tones to powerful, emotive chord sequences, from effervescent, pearly scales to dramatic, crashing cadenzas. Following in the footsteps of his idol Oscar Peterson, Ralf, too, is a masterful comping musician with a strong sense of the various moods and modes of jazz, with a breathtaking harmonic and melodic fluidity, and in possession of an unusually high degree of pianistic skill and virtuosity. Intensity, creativity, vitality coupled with sensitivity and playfulness best characterize his piano playing.