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      How Deep Is The Ocean

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      Windmills Of Your Mind

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      Its Only A Paper Moon

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      I Will Say GoodBye

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      I Wish You Love

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      One Day Ill Fly Away

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      Solveigs Lied

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      Ill Be Seeing You

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      How Do You Keep The Music Playing

    Tanja Siebert

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    'Odd Times' refers both to the odd-meter tunes on this album and to the fact that Tanja Siebert has recently been through some odd times of her own. She transformed the energy arising from her experiences in a powerful and most creative way into music of an emotional depth, one simply can not resist. Carried by masterful arrangements and musicians who communicate on a highly sensitive level, her voice takes us to the subtle facets of emotional awareness, and makes this album a sensual sound experience.