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    1. Play

      Hallo kleines Fräulein

    2. Play

      Solang noch unter'n Linden

    3. Play

      Pack die Badehose ein

    4. Play

      Heimweh nach dem Kurfürstendamm

    5. Play

      Lieber Leierkastenmann

    6. Play

      Durch Berlin fließt immer noch die Spree

    7. Play

      Sonderzug nach Pankow

    8. Play

      Wir sind die Kinder dieser Stadt

    9. Play

      Dob's Boogie

    10. Play

      Haus am See

    11. Play

      Das war in Schöneberg

    12. Play

      So geil Berlin

    13. Play

      Glow Worm

    14. Play

      Die Ruinen von Berlin

    15. Play

      Berliner Luft

    16. Play

      Mackie Messer


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    The CD to the 30th anniversary of the band is a declaration of love and homage of the “Brothers” to their home city of Berlin. It spans the range from the old Berlin songs of big composers such as Paul Lincke and Walter Kollo to post-war years with Hildegard Knef songs or hits of the 3 Travellers. The time of the divided city, which could be hardly better articulated musically than with Udo Lindenberg’s “Special Train to Pankow” and current titles by Roger Cicero or Peter Fox of course also do not miss on this musical travel to Berlin.