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      Weis is wias is

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      03Ned a jeder

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      Big-a-Dog, Big-a-Bite

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      The Message

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      Cpt. Rock

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      Birne frei

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      Sgt. D

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      Was geht ab

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      The Devil


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    The rock trio DINGFEI from Munich/Germany has been playing traditional guitar rock in the classical line-up guitar/bass/drums since 2015. With its roots in 70's vintage rock, DINGFEI mainly performs its own compositions in German, Bavarian and English. The band also performs different cover versions with their own distinctive sound, often called “Bavarian flavored Krautrock”. With their typical DINGFEI slang, these tracks don't have much in common with the original version. Straight from the heart and dynamic, DINGFEI always comes with a cool groove and high recognition value!