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      Melting Ice

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      African Dance

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      When Words Did Rhyme

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      Traffic Jam

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      City Live

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      Its All Right With Me

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      Little Boy Lost Part One

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      Little Boy Lost Part Two

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      Urban Beat

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      Just A Thought

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      Dreaming Of Cuba

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      Help Me

    14. Play

      A New Day

    15. Play

      AllIs Fair In Love

    16. Play

      I Aint Giving It Up

    17. Play

      Going Home

    18. Play

      A Speech

    Marcel van Cleef

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    With his latest album ‘Traffic Jam’, Marcel van Cleef reaches a milestone. He redefines the broad spectrum of possibilities of percussion usage. And through his well developed way of playing, he reaches un unprecedented height. ‘Traffic Jam’ is a splendid solo project, a just as fascinating as overwhelming musical product. Percussion instruments like the hang, udu, cajon and tambora, drums and vocals are symbiotically combined to a whole, while van Cleef’s expressive playing creates an atmosphere of sensual poetic power. Intoxicating grooves on drums set free explosive percussion solos, all hovered by his velvet voice. Elegantly and relaxed, Marcel van Cleef seduces the audience at the highest technical level. Van Cleef has lived up to his dream, and with ‘Traffic Jam’ he definitely delivers his ultimate work.