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      Shuffling Madness

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      Grussblues an Thelonoius

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      Falks Mood

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      La Fiesta

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      Falling Grace

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      Mitgehangen Mitgefangen

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      Where Are You

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      Kleine Annenhof Elegie

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      New Orleans (für Thomas Frary)

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    ‘Music’ is the third album of Triologic since the band was founded in 2000. Understanding music as a language, the musicians communicate on a highly experienced and authentic level. In order to characterize the band’s style, the genre term “melodic groove jazz” has been coined. From earthy grooves, combined with almost bluesy melodic lines, which lead into surprisingly twisted shapes, all the way to softly and delicately performed ballads, ‘Music’ is emotionally so fascinating as if you were listening to a live concert.

    Falk Breitkreuz – sax,bcl
    Tom Andelfinger – guitars
    Christoph Niemann – bass
    Rüdiger Ruppert – drums